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China - The Tea Spot

I recently got the opportunity to go to China with a client of mine, The Tea Spot. Durning the trip we visited several tea farms and processing plants. We spent most of our time roaming around ancient tea harvesting areas in the Yunnan province of China. Every day we would drink some of the most expensive an delicious tea’s in the world. Realizing, how many people it takes for each cup of tea was mind-blowing. Before this trip, I enjoyed a good cup of tea, but I think in many ways I had been missing the point. What I really took away from this trip was a sense of community the tea gave to the locals. Each tea tasting session was long, with multiple steeps, each one tasting different from the last. Much like a great meal, people would sit down and conversate over tea. Not sure why, but this simple act of drinking tea together really resonated with me. Sometimes we simply forget to sit down, and just talk with the ones closest to us. Visiting China has always been on my list of places to visit, and it's still on that list. I'm hoping that the trip was the first of many. I hope you guys enjoy!

Moab - Earth Day Weekend

Hey Guys!

Almost immediately after getting back from my shoot in China, I left with some close friends for a quick weekend trip to Moab. There's nothing better than a night under the stars with great people. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Graham Jewell

I think we all know the feeling of winter blues. I've been feeling the gloomy vibes quite hard this year. I often find myself staring off into a random spot of the celling, with a lack of motivation. Sometimes I've got to get up and dance or scream jibberish as loud as possible to get myself to loosen up a little. This shoot was inspired by some of the feelings and emotions I tend to feel this time of year. Lucky for all of us, spring is just around the corner!

Hope you all enjoy! 

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Canon M5

     Hey, Everyone!

I recently picked up the Canon M5, and this camera packs some power in an incredibly small camera. I've had it for about two weeks now, and it’s a game changer. Now, on to the nerdy shit! The autofocus is remarkably quick, the form factor, electronic viewfinder, touchscreen, dual Af, and ergonomics are everything you would expect from Canon. I have a hard time making out a difference between it, and my full frame camera. 
Overall, I’m super impressed with how great the pictures look and feel. If you have any questions about the camera and its features, comment below, or DM me on Instagram! I love talking gear. =)



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The Tea Spot

Moutain Tumbler

Hey, there! 

I started working with The Tea Spot when I first moved to Boulder last October. It is a woman-owned and operated business that handcrafts whole leaf teas.  They are also the creators of Steepware®, innovative tea wares that make healthy tea effortless and accessible. Newest in their line of products is the Mountain Tumbler. It is a bad-ass, insulated tumbler with an infuser to steep tea or even infuse fruit in your water. This is a series of images I did for the product release. I had a great time photographing all these versatile, rugged tumblers. I hope you all enjoy!

Go buy one!

Luke & Angela

Hey, Guys! 

I'm often amazed at how interconnected we all are. A complete stranger can make a simple decision that can make a profound impact on your life without ever realizing the chain of events that one decision starts.  About a year ago, Luke offered my best friend Shane a position at his company Karot. Shane ended up taking the job and shortly after gave me a call and said I should move to Boulder, Colorado with him. I had been planning on moving to Portland, so I was caught off guard with the new option. Needless to say, I moved out here a few weeks later and ended up meeting Luke and his now wife Anglea, both talented and brilliant individuals. Now, less than a year later in Boulder, because of his decision, I got to photograph their wedding day. We had a great time frolicking through the meadows with their pups and just goofing around. I'm excited for what the future holds for these two. They are expecting a new kiddo in September so it most certainly won't be dull!

Hope you all enjoy

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An evening at Mt. Meeker

Hey, guys!

My good friends Michael and Abigail stopped by to visit Colorado recently, on their move from Portland to Nashville. I first met Michael working together at Smoothie King (my first job). One day he showed me a light drawing photo he had taken during a shift one day. That picture blew my mind, and looking back it's the moment that sparked my interest in photography. Later, we went on to the same college for photography and our friendship really kicked off. I've lived in 3 different states and been through the thick and thin with this dude. I'm glad to have him as a friend. He and Abigail started dating about 2 years ago, so when we decided to go camping it was a no brainer that I should take a few hours and document their awesome relationship. They are down to earth, quirky, talented creatives that love a good time. I hope you all enjoy! 

USA Cycling

I recently got the opportunity to work on an ad campaign for USA Cycling with KAROT in connection with Fact & Fiction both, based in Boulder, Colorado When I got the call for the project I almost start dancing I was so excited! I grew up riding a bike, and I'm still trying to put in some decent mileage every week.  Long days, crazy weather, and WAY too much driving. This project was everything I love about my job. Working with these incredible athletes and creatives from both teams was such an awesome experience. Hope you enjoy the photos! 


Check them out!!/c/ride


Sarah Hammer

8-time world Campion

"I ride for the competition, I ride for the win, I ride because I want to beat you." 



"I ride to find stories, I ride to find rhythm in my life, I ride to ride."


mother and Entreprenur

"I ride to be apart of something thats bigger than myself, I ride for my sanity."

Allison and emmett

OLYMPIC rider and son

"It's pretty cool to have a mom that know's so much about riding bikes"



Derek Bouchard

Ceo of USA cycling

"Cycling is a huge part of who I am. I feel like a day is much more successful when I've ridden, than when I haven't."