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Bro's for Life

    It's not uncommon for me to reminisce about the trip I got to take last year. Today is no different. For those who weren't following the journey on social, for most of the adventure, It was me and my younger brother Boston. We had just moved out of our place in Nashville and decided to hit the road for as long as we could. Growing up, I could have never pictured us making a trip like this. It was incredible to wake up every morning to each others stank, and decide what park or trail we wanted to hit that day. On the way, we bonded around the fire, talking about life and what crazy things we had seen each day. I'm missing my Boston right now, so I went through and picked out just a fraction of the incredible moments we got to experience together. I hope you enjoy! 

                                                   P.S.  If you have a sibling, hit the road and rough it for a bit. I couldn't recommend it enough. =)

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