Brayden Heath


Simple stories told with photographs. 

USA Cycling


I recently got the opportunity to work on an ad campaign for USA Cycling with KAROT in connection with Fact & Fiction both, based in Boulder, Colorado When I got the call for the project I almost start dancing I was so excited! I grew up riding a bike, and I'm still trying to put in some decent mileage every week.  Long days, crazy weather, and WAY too much driving. This project was everything I love about my job. Working with these incredible athletes and creatives from both teams was such an awesome experience. Hope you enjoy the photos! 


Check them out!!/c/ride


Sarah Hammer

8-time world Campion

"I ride for the competition, I ride for the win, I ride because I want to beat you." 



"I ride to find stories, I ride to find rhythm in my life, I ride to ride."


mother and Entreprenur

"I ride to be apart of something thats bigger than myself, I ride for my sanity."

Allison and emmett

OLYMPIC rider and son

"It's pretty cool to have a mom that know's so much about riding bikes"



Derek Bouchard

Ceo of USA cycling

"Cycling is a huge part of who I am. I feel like a day is much more successful when I've ridden, than when I haven't."