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Luke & Angela


Hey, Guys! 

I'm often amazed at how interconnected we all are. A complete stranger can make a simple decision that can make a profound impact on your life without ever realizing the chain of events that one decision starts.  About a year ago, Luke offered my best friend Shane a position at his company Karot. Shane ended up taking the job and shortly after gave me a call and said I should move to Boulder, Colorado with him. I had been planning on moving to Portland, so I was caught off guard with the new option. Needless to say, I moved out here a few weeks later and ended up meeting Luke and his now wife Anglea, both talented and brilliant individuals. Now, less than a year later in Boulder, because of his decision, I got to photograph their wedding day. We had a great time frolicking through the meadows with their pups and just goofing around. I'm excited for what the future holds for these two. They are expecting a new kiddo in September so it most certainly won't be dull!

Hope you all enjoy

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