Simple stories told with photographs. 

Great Sand Dunes couples session

I recently visited the dunes on the way back home from a project in Salida CO. Walking out onto the dunes was such an inspiring experience, I've thought about going back every day since then. So, I gathered up a few of my closest friends and headed out there. On the second night, Shane Farnsworth (bestest friend) and girlfriend Shayna Kinsvater headed up the dunes for a couples session in the epic sunset light. Hope you enjoy!

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Alex + his GTI

Hey, everyone!

My roommate, Alex Dewitt has been thinking about selling his beloved Volkswagen GTI. He asked me to take a few photos for Craigslist. So, of course, I decided to have some fun with it. The roommates and I went to Flagstaff road here in Boulder and drove around for an evening.  I'm really happy with how all these came together. Hope you all enjoy! 

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Francisca's Desserts

Hey, everyone!

Last week I got to work with a friend of mine Francisca Lang, a pastry chef from Dallas that recently moved to Denver. I had a lot of fun shooting all of these incredible desserts. I must say though, I had way to many macaroons that day. 

I hope these make your mouth water as much as they do me! Enjoy! 

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Jordan + Emma

    During my visit in Portland, Oregon my good friends from Tulsa, Jordan and Emma Egstad invited us to stay with them while we were in the area.  Jordan is talented designer/developer for Instrument. Emma is a beekeeper/educator and owner of Bee&Bloom. They are one of the coolest couples I've met. So, of course, I had to fit in a few photos of them. They just started their new business recently, so if you have time go check out their web-site out you won't regret it.

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Bro's for Life

    It's not uncommon for me to reminisce about the trip I got to take last year. Today is no different. For those who weren't following the journey on social, for most of the adventure, It was me and my younger brother Boston. We had just moved out of our place in Nashville and decided to hit the road for as long as we could. Growing up, I could have never pictured us making a trip like this. It was incredible to wake up every morning to each others stank, and decide what park or trail we wanted to hit that day. On the way, we bonded around the fire, talking about life and what crazy things we had seen each day. I'm missing my Boston right now, so I went through and picked out just a fraction of the incredible moments we got to experience together. I hope you enjoy! 

                                                   P.S.  If you have a sibling, hit the road and rough it for a bit. I couldn't recommend it enough. =)

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Birthday + Friends + Moab

Hey, everyone! It has been a long while since I've done any blogging. I'm starting up this new blog for a fresh start. So to get this thing started, I just had my 25th birthday and decided to make a last minute trip to Moab with some good friends of mine. We all crammed into one car after work on a Thursday and made the 6-hour drive to Moab. The weekend couldn't have gone any better. We hit Canyonlands the first day and Arches the next day. Hiking around standing on cliffs we probably shouldn't have been on, cooking delicious burritos, and drinking good beer.  I had never been to Canyonlands before, let's just say I was shocked! One of the cliffs we hiked out to, had the most stunning view with an even more stunning silence. One of us spoke up over our laughing while sitting on the edge and said, "Shh! Let's just listen for a few minutes."  The silence that happened after that was extraordinary. There was a moment that a crow flew overhead and you could hear the "woosh, woosh" of his wings flapping in the air.  Those are the kind of moments that I live for. So needless to say, I had an amazing 25th birthday, so are a few of the moments from the trip. I hope you enjoy!

Arches National Park

This was my first time to Moab.  My good friend, Shane Farnsworth joined me for the first half of my trip. I picked him up in Denver and we stared heading west. Almost as soon as we crossed the Colorado Utah border the landscape changed to a vast, open, mars like surface. The next few days spent at Arches National Park were jammed packed with unforgettable moments.